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There are many ways to support current and future programs at 92Y. This website will provide you with suggestions regarding gift strategies that may make sense for you. Take your time. Consider the options. And please let us know if a conversation with a charitable gift planner would be helpful.

A new year and a new tax bill

The new tax law preserved the charitable deduction—but not for everybody. Even if you won’t be itemizing your deductions, you can benefit by employing certain giving strategies. To learn more about how to give wisely in 2018, ask for Giving to 92Y in 2018 at or 212.415.5404.

Thank you to the 92Y Legacy Society

The 92Y Legacy Society recognizes individuals who are supporting the future of 92Y with a commitment in their estate plans. Listing as of April 2018:

Anonymous (24)
Sylvia Antonier-Scher
Debbie and Glenn August
Doug Bachelis
Jack Balos
Leiter Bamberger, Jr.
Catherine Hannah Behrend
Yvette Bendahan
Claire B. and Lawrence A. z”l Benenson
Gilda and Henry z”l Block
Shirley Brodsky
Lorraine (Libby) Buch
Marcia Budd
Rochelle Busch
Jill Byatt
David G. Clough
Theodore Cohn
Marcia and Geoffrey Colvin
David M. Corwin
Andrew Crystal
George J. Ebbinghousen and P. Jaine Jacobs

  Joan Eliasoph, MD
Christine Ferer
Robert A. Flanders
Erwin Flaxman and Linda R. Laughlin
Margot Friedlander
Joan Gettry
Florence C. Golly
Marilyn Golub
Dafna Gorfinkle
John E. Greenwood
Shirley M. Henschel
Linora Hoffman
Frederick L. Jacobson
Jess Joseph
Matilda Kahn
Dr. Lee Katz
Richard L. Kay
Ronald Levine
Barry and Jane Linsky
Vivian Lowell
Gabrielle Mellett


Donald B. z”l and Pauline Meyer
Frances and Irwin Miller
Cheryl and Philip L. Milstein
Alyse and Marc Myers
Sherry L. Natkow
Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Nearenberg
Martin and Suzi Oppenheimer
Doris Pfeffer
Martin Rabinowitz
Marsha and Neil Remland
Madeleine Richard
Theodore M. Rosenthal
Marvin and Sylvia Rubin Family Foundation
Florence Rubinstein
Sherwood Rudin and Elise Winters
David A. Sokol
Evelyn and Robert Stahl
Ruth S. Stanton z”l
Charles Stendig
Milton Weiner
Judith Ziman-Scheuer

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